Barra Gustafson Art

Howdy!  My name is Barra Gustafson.  I am a visual artist living in Austin, Texas.  My work changes over time as does my materials on wood panels, paper, and/ or canvas.  I enjoy creating art that celebrates the imagination.  Currently, I build multi layered paintings through self expression. I search to find joy and playful ways to be spontaneous during the process and rely heavily on intuitive responses.

Painting allows me total freedom to follow the desires of my heart.

Austin, Texas

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”  Twyla Tharp.

2 thoughts on “Barra Gustafson Art

  1. I enjoy looking at your colorful paintings and site! p.s. I had a best friend growing up named Alice Gustafson…and my family is of Larson’s = scandanavians! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Hi Lissa,

      Thank you for the kind words. Awesome–go scandanavians! My husband’s hertiage is Sweden,and he has heard many times of the Larson name up in Iowa. I think the name Alice Gustafson has a nice ring to it–best friends are shared hearts forever.

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