Profile of Artist

Howdy!  My name is Barra Gustafson.  I am an American visual artist living and working in Austin, Texas. 

My first experience with art making was in the second grade standing in front of an easel. I remember making marks, creating symbols, and filling the paper with happy squiggles. It was a joyous time a
close tie with cloud watching and shape naming.

I am a self-taught artist, but I have spent time learning techniques from other artists to apply to my work as a late bloomer,
I connected and attached my dream to this quote.

“There’s no diploma in the world that declares you as an artist—it’s not like becoming a doctor. You can declare yourself an artist and then figure out how to be an artist. ” Kara Walker quote. This quote changed my thinking about accepting myself as an artist.

At the beginning of learning how to be an artist — I read many art-related books that lead to Digital Photography teaching me composition and design. I collect old rusted antique objects and love to travel through my home state of Texas, photographing subjects brought to life through my art making.

Painting with watercolor, acrylic, collage materials, oil sticks, hot wax, and cold wax using my hands and collaborating with my mind and spirit to unite the work as a cohesive piece of art is a joy-filled experiment.

I use found objects to build and attach layers onto layers to add another dimension to my creations. Through the layers of my own life, I found collage and assemblage, an art form that resonates with me and has held my attention.

I feel blessed that I can still make art. My inspirations bubble within my faith, memory, and love of God.


Barra Gustafson