Don’t color me black and white

see my world

”  The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most. ”    John Ruskin

There is a place in my life where I see blind spots, and I need help to see the world, and myself.  My art continues to help me discover new insights about how I work, and how I fit in the world.

Color is a very big part of my painting experience.  Seeing and thinking  in black and white stops that  process.   Color enriches my life, motives my spirit, and can serve as a reminder of  an experience.  It can draw me into another place — where my imagination lives.

Music and words are powerful tools.  Listening to music while I create art  is part of my process.  I sometimes use words or numbers in my paintings to add a spark  to a concept, build interest in a certain section of a painting or graphic.  I believe that color follows music in its ability to excite human emotions, and words move us to write.

The industry of color guides designers, artists, and an array of creative people to predict color combinations to surround us in our homes, our work place, and what we wear. Color is all around us, and I am amazed how God created us — to see it.

A spark of  the imagination — sumphero!  Art happens!