Is it luck,chance or a surprise gift?

Luck, chance, or a gift?

When I was a kid in elementary school, I would spend hours sitting in a clover patch looking for a four-leaf clover. I’d find a few but let me say my return on investment was fairly slim.  But it was not slim Sunday morning a few weeks ago.  As I was leaving church service, darting out the less traveled path, down the bottom of the stairs, and then outside to a sunny day.  I glanced down to my right to see a small patch of clover nestled among some grass, and before my eyes, ripe for the picking, standing tall, and waiting for me to pick it was bright green four- leaf clover.  My eyes popped open wide. Wow!  How did I find it that quick?  It was as if a magnet drew me right to that specific clover at that exact moment in time as I was passing by on the sidewalk. I will never understand it or know how it happened. I am grateful that I had an eye-witness for “my hole in one” experience. You can call it chance, or luck but in Facebook terminology, I LIKE to think that God loves to surprise us with a sweet little gift of something we’ve been searching for– just when we least expect it.