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Bruegger's Bagel Cafe

Bruegger’s Bagel Cafe

3267 Bee Caves Rd.


4th Movement   Acrylics/on Canvas by visual artist Barra Gustafson on display  February,3 rd, –March 2nd, 2013

Upon any sale from the 4th Movement Collection a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Eanes ISD.  Bruegger’s Bagel

Cafe is located very near to Cedar Creek and Eanes Elementary, West Lake High School and Hill Country Middle School.

EAST Austin Art Tour 2012

I am excited to be a part of the EAST Austin Art Tour 2012.  This is the last week end to see lots of art—visit studios, and join in the fun.

Textured Acrylic on wood panel ” Middle Ground” on display during EAST at Pigoata Studios. ( next to Big Medium)

Summer fades.

I’ve been on a creative journey for awhile — I am happy with my art, my life, and where I am going. I plan to post some of my work, but my desire is to use this blog to share some of my thoughts along the way that might add value for friends, and other artists.

Cool breezes, deep waters and sailboat racing on Texas beaches fade as summer comes to an end. The image in the video is a 24”x 36” acrylic painting created by using both my hands –much like finger painting. Acrylics’ dry fast, and I worked very quickly to produce the piece. I used brushes and fingers to paint the people and boats into the scene.

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2009 Highlights


He Is Our Savior

I experienced several fun art events in 2009. My painting “Day Two” was juried into the Texas Watercolor Society exhibit at the Witte Museum in San Antonio; a painting was displayed at the ABIA Airport; a painting was juried into the Corridor of Art; and a painting was displayed at North Hills Gallery in Austin,Texas. My husband delighted me with a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a visit with my sister’s family, a stop in Las Cruces, a visit to the petroglyphs, a local art fair in Corrales, and some sweet time in Santa Fe. I enjoyed a wonderful day taking a print making workshop presented to me in Albuquerque at New Grounds Print Shop — a great day learning about mono type prints with Regina Held. To end the trip we drove to Oklahoma City to watch some Big 12 baseball.

One of my big art lighlights this year was an opportunity to work with my grand daughter to create her very own “He’s our Savior” painting for her bedroom. Thank you, Chelsey for spending time to learn a few painting tricks and sharing time with me. We had so much fun!

2009 was a good year, and I am looking forward to 2010. Happy New Year!

Art happens!

Don’t color me black and white

see my world

”  The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most. ”    John Ruskin

There is a place in my life where I see blind spots, and I need help to see the world, and myself.  My art continues to help me discover new insights about how I work, and how I fit in the world.

Color is a very big part of my painting experience.  Seeing and thinking  in black and white stops that  process.   Color enriches my life, motives my spirit, and can serve as a reminder of  an experience.  It can draw me into another place — where my imagination lives.

Music and words are powerful tools.  Listening to music while I create art  is part of my process.  I sometimes use words or numbers in my paintings to add a spark  to a concept, build interest in a certain section of a painting or graphic.  I believe that color follows music in its ability to excite human emotions, and words move us to write.

The industry of color guides designers, artists, and an array of creative people to predict color combinations to surround us in our homes, our work place, and what we wear. Color is all around us, and I am amazed how God created us — to see it.

A spark of  the imagination — sumphero!  Art happens!